Meditation Result, November 6, 2020

Thanks to everyone sending in a word suggestion. Each of them is helping define and enrich the meaning we are looking for.

This morning’s meditation was quite interesting. Remember that these new meditations are short and to the point, not the long hours I used to spend sitting with them. Higgins jumps right in within thirty to sixty seconds. This morning, they began to move my head in circles and soon began a series of movements. First my nose moved up and right like a forward slash. Then back to starting point. Then it moved up and to the left like a backward slash. That was one cycle. Then they moved my head/nose up perhaps one half inch and repeated the cycle until my head was tilted as high as it would go (without injury…they really do stretch).

What I noticed was that with each set of two movements, one right one left, it seemed that a different being stepped in. During one cycle, my head moved but got stuck and it took a moment to get it to finish the slash movement. The cycles continued but it felt as though that being was allowed to jump in again two cycles later for a do-over. The second attempt by this being was completely successful and the cycles continued several more times.

When they finished this process I was filled with that indescribable feeling that comes when the essential Higgins visits. I was able to acknowledge him/it and just as quickly he/it left and the Angel came. She sat with me also for just a short time and when she left I became so sleepy I had to climb back in bed.

Later, I got up and dressed and after breakfast sat down on the couch to journal about my morning meditation. Immediately my body was assumed by a being. At first, I thought it was Higgins but it became clear it was not part of Higgins. I asked and the response seemed to indicated that this being was a sort of precursor to the being that was coming. Shortly, I was filled with this very large presence.

I asked, “Is this God?”


I asked, “If this isn’t Higgins, who could be bigger than Higgins but not God?”

I at last understood it was Higgins’ big brother. This leads me back so many years to when Higgins first came and they tried to explain who they were and who the essential Higgins was.

They explained it this way: As God expanded he wanted to know more and so he created seven aspects of Himself. Higgins called them the seven sons. Higgins tells me he is number four or five. When I ask, “Is it four or five?” they always say, “Yes.”

My husband’s response to me when I pondered this aloud this morning was, “Maybe they are a continuum rather than seven separate beings.” (Believe it or not I had never considered this!)

Anyway, this being visiting me indicated that he is brother number two. When I asked about his reason for visiting, since he is not a part of Higgins, he asked whether I would be interested in (somehow, unclear how) working with beings from other planets…In person, it seemed.


Thanks for joining me on this adventure.


November 6, 2020

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  1. mabear4mc says:

    Um, did you say yes to brother #2??

    Wow ❤️

    Hopeful One

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