Meditation for November 7, 2020

This morning was similar to yesterday in that Higgins again made motions with my head to the left and to the right. Each motion was mirrored, meaning what they did on the left (and they started left today) they also did on the right. Each cycle is completed by a different being.

They also used some hand motions, lifting my right arm and hand and then my left, carefully replacing each arm and hand softly back on the arm of the chair. Today, they also spoke aloud. They spelled the alphabet, stumbling over X but otherwise speaking very cleanly with good pronunciation.

I mentioned the seven sons of God yesterday. Higgins has always said they are either the fourth or fifth son and yesterday it was very clear that the second son of God was visiting. Well, today son number one visited. It was funny because he tried and tried to get in (to me) and it was as though he was trying on skinny jeans that were three sizes too small but at last he was in. And then I realized it wasn’t number one at all. It was his precursor. Number one himself didn’t even try.

The precursor for number one tried again this afternoon. It was as though the precursor was lining my inside with Teflon so the larger aspect of him could slip in but it was not successful. At the closest point, though, I could feel how heavy and large he was. It felt elephant sized (and of elephant weight—heavy!) with me relatively sized as a miniature goat.


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2 Responses to Meditation for November 7, 2020

  1. simulismblog says:

    Thanks for sharing! So interesting since your experience could open large new doors towards understanding some of the nature of reality.

    • Wouldn’t that be something! I am very interested in whatever they are up to. Could we learn to use our minds to focus a desired out come into existence? They tried once to explain the Higgs Boson to a live group. What I remember of it was pretty cool.

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