Meditation of November 8, 2020

I meditated a few minutes before bed last night. Number One was able to reach me just enough to share his role. He ‘said’ that Number One is the doorway to God and that God is the source of all power.

The communication was short and I went to sleep. When I awakened this morning I sat down to meditate first thing. Number One came in quickly but my mind wandered around unhelpfully for about fifteen minutes. I reset the timer and tried again. I was able to keep my mind quiet this time and shortly, he was able to communicate with me. He reminded me that he is the doorway to God.

Soon, I felt what I would describe as the tip, or the edge, of another being. As it settled in me I realized it was God himself. God explained to me that God is all and God is everywhere. He proceeded to ‘explain’ himself a little bit. I wish I could draw or share this in some meaningful way. Instead, I will do my best with words.

Imagine God is a ball and the ball is wearing a pointy party hat. God is the ball and the first ring of the party hat is Number One, then after Number One is Number Two and so on down to four or five which is the Essential Higgins. This pointy party hat is a tall, tall hat that eventually ends in a point and that point is you. Or me. Any and every person is the terminal end of their own party hat which attaches to God.

This party hat is a special party hat and on the end is a pompom. You can liken each strand of the pompom to something in your life. Your shoes, your toothbrush, your eating utensils–everything surrounding you when you open your eyes and look around–each thing in your life is a creation you made as you drew your energy from the original source of all life. You literally pulled energy through the Universe from the Source (that central ball that is God) and as you did so, that energy took form.

Just as a packed snowball can roll down hill gathering more snow and becoming larger, your thoughts travel towards you gathering mass. Your thoughts literally become your home, your sofa, your friends, your job, etc…

Now grasp that God is more like the sun than a playground ball. These pointy hats radiate from God (the sun) from infinite points in much the same way sunlight radiates from the sun.

When God finished conveying this to me he said, “I am well pleased.” Then he left.


November 8, 2020

P.S. I promised myself to keep these as short and readable as possible. I also promised myself to be as forthcoming and to share as much of their communication as possible.


As I wrote about this morning’s meditation and attempted to convey the party hat idea, and that there are infinite party hats radiating away from God like heat and light from the sun an idea was inspired in me to share. It is and idea almost too complex for me to grasp but here goes.

The sun that is God, radiating the source of power that stimulates the motion of the cosmos, is not a central location. God is located in every atom.

Try wrapping your mind around that.

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  1. maiamom says:

    You are describing powerful experiences. M

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  2. “God is located in every atom.” This resonates with my experience of it as well.

  3. janonlife says:

    I love this analogy. No wonder they have chosen you to speak to/through. You put such complex ideas across so clearly.

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