Meditation Result, November 9, 2020

Last night before bed I sat for 45 minutes with them. As is becoming the usual, beings moved my head. What is unusual is that one of these beings seemed to be Lucifer. The other one I thought might be Michael but each time I thought ‘Michael?’ the response seemed to be ‘Michael, not Michael’.

Whoever they were, they moved my head back and forth. My head moved slowly and short, perhaps one inch increments, at first. Then my head moved back and forth with increasing speed and distance until the skin on my face seemed to flap, the way a dog’s face flaps when it shakes it’s head.

They repeated this many times, each time stopping to rest. Or at least it seemed like rest to me. They used these pauses to check to see whether my soul was coming loose from my body. They continued this pattern until the timer went off and then stopped promptly, as I had asked them to.

This morning, I repeated the meditation with only fifteen minutes available. They did the same thing, but with less intensity in the shaking of my head. I suppose it could be described as more tactful, more discrete. During each pause they seemed to prise my soul ever so gently in an attempt to, I’m supposing, cause my soul to step out of my body.

When the alarm went off they stopped immediately. I am beginning to think they don’t actually leave, that someone is monitoring me continuously.


November 9, 2020

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3 Responses to Meditation Result, November 9, 2020

  1. William Wolford says:

    Very Interesting. Love hearing the progress. I do hope you are protected and that only beings of light are interacting with you. Be safe!

    • Thank you. Higgins has spoken to me many times about Lucifer and I am assured all is well. He knows all the weak spots of mankind and where we need help the most.

  2. maiamom says:

    Blessings to you. M

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