Meditation, November 29, 2020

This past week it has been hard to get my meditations in, even fifteen tiny minutes. Sometimes I did it in five minute segments. All they have done during these short meditations is acknowledge that I’m there and move my head around a bit. This morning I had more time, about forty-five minutes and they took advantage of the extra time to communicate with me.

I’ve been concerned that I’m not getting enough time in for them to do what they need to do and their response was rather interesting. It seems they don’t actually care whether I meditate or not. The transition into our next phase, the Knowledge Phase, will be easier and smoother for both of us if I do the meditations. But the fact is, they will be bringing it (whatever it is) whether I find any time to meditate with them or not. This is particularly interesting and brings up something I had forgotten.

Way long ago, they came to me in 2005 so it was a little before they arrived, I was sitting in a meeting at church. I no longer remember what the meeting was about, probably I was the chair of the education committee and it was probably a meeting of all the committee chairs. We were having a discussion and at some point I said, “I’m just afraid that people will think I’m a…”

I no longer remember what the next word was going to be. All I remember is that something spoke for me. It was so weird knowing, absolutely knowing, that something else had taken over and said, “witch,” in place of whatever word I had planned to say. It was so preposterous in the context that the entire room of people, probably seven or eight people, all turned to stare at me.

Remembering this, I know that they can step in whenever they choose. It is a relief on some level not to worry about whether or not I am holding up my end of the bargain.

The other interesting thing that happened this morning is that during the meditation they began to move my hands and arms. As is typical, they started with my right arm. They lifted up my right hand and then made a sort of infinity movement…like a figure eight that is lying on its side. Then they did the same with the left, several times each side. Then they lifted both arms simultaneously, stretching my arms out in what is a little like the arm position of second position in ballet. They even went so far as to correct my left wrist which was cocked back a little. Once they were satisfied with this they put my arms down and lifted only the right arm. They began to flick my fingers at my body like flicking water. They flicked rather aggressively and soon I noticed that with each flick of my fingers I could feel a corresponding surge of energy through whatever part of my body they were focusing on. They moved from head to toe several times focusing most of their attention on my eyes and hips. They must have achieved their goal, whatever it was, because after many minutes of this they stopped and ended the meditation.

Cheryl Jensen, November 29, 2020

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  1. mabear4mc says:

    Hey Cheryl  Just a comment, I laughed out loud when I read the part about being in the meeting at church and them announcing for you, “ that you didn’t want to be thought of as a witch “ hahaha.  I can see all their faces, and yours as you can’t believe what came out of your own mouth,   If I had been at that mtg. I’m sure I would have laughed out loud as well!  Hahahaha ❤️🌺

  2. maiamom says:

    You have my love and prayers. m

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