Letters into Words

December 17, 2004 I wrote:

I woke up this morning and almost immediately had another of those ‘letters into words’ visions. The letters were scrambled and flying by and I was trying to decide whether they were yellow or white (I couldn’t). The letters didn’t stop right in front of my eyes to form words this time, but as they floated around I had more an impression of names. Three names I could get a clear sense of: William, Bill, Marti. End of Vision.


Went to Seattle and spent the day with (my cousin). Enjoyed myself. Before I left I called Mom and told her to call Uncle Bill. While I was with (my cousin) I learned that Uncle Bill had experienced another small stroke this past week.

(Note that Bill and William are the same person, my uncle. Marti is his wife. They are now both deceased.)

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