A Conversation With Higg(in)s, November 30, 2022

Decided to sit wth Higg(in)s for just a moment and they came right in, gave me a snippet of information, and were gone again. Start to finish could not have taken more than a few minutes.

I totally draw a blank on the final words from Higgins, the Wisdom Phase. However, Higg(in)s said if we will do that, and be peace, then the next step is to trust. They way they gave this word to me is trust overlaid with faith, the Christian faith. In their version of faith, faith and trust are synonymous. If I can look back at my emotions, conduct, thoughts, etc… and feel certain that I have been pure, then I can absolutely trust that what I want is on its way to me. They gave me the emotional feeling to go with it. It felt warm like love, and at the same time it felt like a gentle but supreme confidence. Lovely.

They were gone immediately the moment they felt I understood it. I journaled what I had experienced and then they popped right back in to say: If we can reach the trust point this eliminates the need for all bad behavior, because all behavior considered bad stems from a feeling of lack. If we can do this, all that ‘bad’ behavior will disappear. There would be no need for it.

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