A Distillation of Higg(in)s Recent Teachings

Higgins is re-assembling as Higg(in)s. Even though it feels as though they are re-assembling now perhaps it is more correct to say Higgins has re-assembled as Higg(in)s and I finally am able to consciously connect with them now and again. The Wisdom Phase is complete and the Knowledge Phase begins. Their connection with me is somehow different than before. It is certainly less overt. I notice that when they give me a piece of information it soaks through me like water through a drip coffee maker. When the information has finally seeped through me to a point where I can comprehend it, they want me to write it down and to post it. Apparently, the order in which they are parcelling out the information is important.

For my own clarity I’ve reviewed the last few months to get the information staight in my mind.

September 3, 2022: I feel as though they ‘said’ the Knowledge Phase is practical application of the Wisdom Phase. When we know a thing to be true before it is happening in our day to day reality then we will master the Knowledge Phase.

September 26, 2022: Higg(in)s reminds me to be peace, to take peace with me wherever I go.

October 5, 2022: Higg(in)s ‘said’ we now know to appreciate breathing in and out and to appreciate the fine, full workings of our bodies. We also know to be peace in such a way that where one moves, it is not one moving, it is peace moving. Then they gave a three part directive. First, ask the question. Next, listen for the answer. Finally, act upon the answer.

Higg(in)s reiterated the three part directive this way: Appreciate the optimal working of the body. Breath in. Breath out. Ease of breath in. Ease of breath out. Next, be peace on the hoof. Lastly, ask. The clearer the better. Listen, wait for the answer. Act.

November 22, 2022: Higg(in)s says tonight, “Make peace your homebase. Come and go from peace.”

November 30, 2022: Trust. Live with faith. (In my words: Live with absolute confidence that you interact with that thing that is God. Live with absolute confidence that God always responds to you. Live every moment in such a way that when God reflects the eternal conversation He is having with you back to you, it is a wonderful thing and brings you a sense of relief and great happiness. Trust that this is so.)

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