A Couple of Interesting Conversations with Higg(in)s

Higg(in)s shared a couple of things recently. On New Year’s Eve and again this morning (January 2, 2023) they said something that I thought was strange. True. But strange. Not their usual welcoming and friendly demeanor. Not unkind, either. Direct. No frills. No beating around the bush.

Higg(in)s said in essence that I (as a representative of the species) asked what to do next and they told me: Appreciate your body and the workings of it, known and unknown. Appreciate your mind and the workings of it, known and unknown. This alone would have helped you have a very nice life, but you wanted more. So we told you: Be peace. Be peace in such a way that when you move from one place to another it is not you moving it is peace moving. This alone would have helped you live a very nice life. But still you asked for more. So we said: Review all the happenings in your life and review them from a place a of peace, considering what you would have. With this piece of information, you could build the life of your dreams with intention and clarity. But still you want more.

The fact that still you want more is telltale. We recognize that you do not understand the magnitude of what we have shared. And if you will not, or are not capable of, carrying out these things then we have come to an impasse. When mankind is given a thing, it is weaponized. You have cars for moving you comfortably long distances and drive them into crowds. You are given guns to help you hunt meat and you destroy buffalo herds for sport, and shoot yourselves in theaters, schools and stores. You are given nuclear power and, well, you know what you have done with that. We cannot proceed with more information until you learn to spend most of your time in appreciation and peace.

We have finished collecting and analyzing the data from the peace meditations we conducted last Spring. It is clear that as a species you are not emotionally prepared to move forward. You physicals want help but are not able to receive the help you want. You are not able to align vibrationally with the things you want. We are considering how next to proceed.

Despite how you receive the tone of our conversation, we are not exasperated with you. We hold great love for you. But we do anticipate spending a good deal of time helping you learn to appreciate self.

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4 Responses to A Couple of Interesting Conversations with Higg(in)s

  1. Very interesting. As someone whose entire metaphysical journey has focused on healing, I understand very well what Higgs is saying. I can only speak from my perspective, and that is as I’ve gone within (being guided in hypnosis or guided meditation) and walked through healing processes, peace and self-love became a natural byproduct. It was gradual but became something I embodied, not something I had to work at or practice focusing on. It was just there. And with that, what I noticed and payed attention to, and what was energetically attracted into my life became more and more peaceful and loving. My entire vibration changed.

    After a lifetime of being very sensitive to other people’s moods, mirroring them especially if they got upset, I suddenly noticed not resonating with them. My close family members could be upset about anything and I was fine – peaceful inside. No effort involved. It was just there. And I’m able to see them compassionately these days. Once again, it’s just there.

    We, as a species are prone to upset by virtue of our basic human wiring (and more so for those of us who are very sensitive). We can become deeply emotionally triggered and cause each other and the planet grave pain and injury. But much more often we as a species become irritated, impatient, or jealous and don’t think twice about it. And feel things like guilt and shame, not realizing how detrimental they are. I believe this is what Higgs is speaking to. Every way we block love (in all its forms) from being able to flow through us unimpeded.

    Sorry to write so much, but I find it particularly interesting that 2 of my most recent healing sessions addressed my energetic resonance with the energy field of War very specifically. One session healed what felt like every lifetime I’d been engaged in war as a warrior here on earth, referring to war as a breakdown in communication. A failure of sorts. All manner of pain was released. And a more recent session healed what felt like every lifetime I’d engaged in war as a being beyond planet Earth (as an extraterrestrial). Boy was that a shocker!

    Thank you so much for your continued sharing of Higgs.

    • Yes. If we would discover our ability to care for ourselves, we would stop hurting those things around us also. It seems so simple…
      Of note, I have also been experiencing the same ability to await outcome without experiencing discord. It is lovely, really, to not be drawn off balance (emotionally) by the emotions of others.

  2. simulismblog says:

    What a lesson! Higg(in)s seems to discover a very young species, still unadapted to its environment and chronically unsatisfied, that has to become ill in order to realize how it is fortunate to be in good health… and so on. A lesson of wisdom. We have a long way in front of us before becoming a wise species and a peaceful one.Thank you Cheryl.

    • I wish you could feel the responses they give to me. Or perhaps that I could convey their responses more thoroughly. They are saying exactly what you have gleaned and more. Once we become capable of appreciating our own bodies, we realize that all things are connected and thus what we build outwardly is harmonious with self. In essence, our ill society and our ill bodies are one and the same. Thus, when we heal ourselves, we heal the planet.

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