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In the past, Higgins has let me know when they want to talk. Higg(in)s is not doing this, at least not overtly. This morning I ask how to begin. I remember that last year, as they were coming back, they said, “Ask.” Begin the asking, I think is what they said. Well, I’m asking, what are we doing?

Last year, they did the series of meditations for peace in Ukraine. After some number of meditations, they stopped communicating again for a period of data collection and analysis. Quite a number of months later they began their communications again, asking us to appreciate our bodies, starting with breathing in and out.

Today they begin to add information. They are here, they say, to assist us in making a sort of leap in the evolution of man. The first step for us is to learn to appreciate. This is a broad concept, but they were able to bring it into focus using the magnet analogy.

When two magnets are held together, they will attract or repel one another. If they are repelling one another, they will not stick together until one is turned around. If one is turned around, the two magnets will immediately draw together. We are magnets. In order to draw towards us the sort of pleasant order we would like to see in the world we must persistently focus on that which we appreciate. We must do it consistently every waking moment.

They had me envision a plant. Plants are phototropic and grow towards light. They broadened the analogy by saying the Universe is comprised of infinite particles. Each particle has a side that we wish to draw to us and a side we wish not to draw to us. We are one magnet and each and every particle in the Universe responds to us magnetically, similar to the way plants respond to light.

Every particle of the Universe responds to us in the way that magnets do. If we will focus unfailingly on that which we prefer every particle of the Universe will rotate the face that we prefer towards us. This is being called the Law of Attraction, but we don’t need to call it law. Magnets attract and repel and the Universe works magnetically. That is the way it is.

Your job is too continuously respond to your environment by focusing on the aspects you prefer, thereby drawing all particles into alignment with your desires, Particles that meet your magnetic offering will be drawn towards you and those that do not will be repelled. To be clear: This is always happening whether you focus on what you prefer or not. Your job is to focus on that which you prefer. Then you will improve the quality of your health, your happiness, your life in general. Furthermore, you will begin to draw qualities that you prefer from your neighborhood, your workplace, your government and your global community.

While you watch the news, listening to all the things others are not doing correctly and agreeing on its terribleness, you are creating more terribleness. If, however, you view the news and begin to offer thoughts about what you would prefer and focus upon that, you will have improvement.

For example, the situation at the southern border of the United States can only expand and worsen as you watch the news and offer a sympathetic thought pattern. If instead you will begin to process in your mind’s eye a vision of an orderly migration, that is what you will draw, It happens magnetically. You do not have to have the answer for how. The Universe will take care of that. You simply begin visioning orderly crossing of the borders.

When you are ready, expand your focus to include comfortable absorption of those crossing the border.

We’ve moved a long way from our starting point in this conversation. Start by focusing on appreciating the best in everything that presents itself to you. This is the beginning and the end. Nothing else is more important, nor more powerful.

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    Well said! Thank you for sharing.

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