About Shootings

Let’s attempt a conversation regarding shootings. Humankind exists on an energetic continuum. You are able to experience this energy as daily life experiences. Let’s consider a school shooting one of many options that a person could experience in a day.

The energetic continuum that humans can experience stretches from abject depression and terror to joyousness and bliss. In between emotions on the continuum are hopelessness, then rage and anger, and after that, hope. After hope you would find eager anticipation and confidence.

When you come forth into the physical world you slide up and down this emotional continuum, and daily experiences are attracted by emotional points. Each one of you had some general idea of what you wished to learn while you are in your body. Each person you interact with assists you by providing an opportunity to learn what you wanted to learn, and to experience yourself as you proceed through life. Your goal, in a nutshell, is to find happiness.

When we state that you are experiencing yourself, we mean that literally. When you open your eyes in the morning, you are experiencing the physical representation of your thoughts and beliefs and the emotions you feel about your thoughts and beliefs.

Back to shootings, when a person enters a school and shoots children and adults, shoots them dead, they are showing you to you. They are helping you to learn and grow. It is extremely hard on their soul to do this. They need you to remember the brilliance of their being and if you cannot, then you are also lost.

The goal here would be, of course, to remember their brilliance (and your brilliance) before they are called upon (by you) to perform the ugly deed.

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