In a World Behaving Badly

Cheryl: Higg(in)s, it doesn’t seem as though our leaders, any of them, know what to do.

Higg(in)s: About what?

Cheryl: Well, it feels like the world’s gone mad. It feels as though our economy is collapsing. People are, well, behaving really badly. It’s as though we have lost all decency. Our leaders are making abysmal decisions and those who are attempting to step up don’t seem to have viable answers either.

Do you have a suggestion for us to stabilize ourselves?

Higg(in)s: We very much appreciate your understanding that stabilization is a sensible starting point. The initial point of stabilization is, of course, yourself. No one else need be stable for you to enjoy your life, but you must maintain emotional stability at all times. We know that you are enjoying quite a bit of success at this. For those of you who need a reminder on how to stay emotionally stable we suggest forming a habit of consciousness. Consciously check your thoughts every so often. If they are not positive, shift your thought process. A good way to do this is to set a bell to ring every five minutes. Each time the bell rings review your thoughts. If they are not positive, bringing a positive feeling into your heart/chest area, shift your thoughts until they are positive and, importantly, bringing that uplifted feeling to your heart/chest area.

At first, the process can be tiring. The goal is to feel positive during your awake hours. If not positive, then neutral, but never negative or hard. We understand that sometimes there will be an occurrence that brings forth negative emotion. A sign of emotional stability is that you are able to choose to return to neutral or positive thoughts almost immediately.

Let’s stop here and give you a chance to practice stabilizing yourself. We will complete this response after a practice period.

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