In A World Behaving Badly, Part 2 of 2

Cheryl: I recently asked this of you: It feels like the world’s gone mad. It feels as though our economy is collapsing. People are, well, behaving really badly. It’s as though we have lost all decency. Our leaders are making abysmal decisions and those who are attempting to step up don’t seem to have viable answers either. Do you have a suggestion for us to stabilize ourselves?

You responded by asking us to stabilize our own emotions and gave us a practice period before answering this question further. Are you ready, or are we ready, to proceed?

Higg(in)s: Stabilizing is a one at a time process. As one person comes into emotional stability, they also begin to receive clearer information which arrives as inspiration and intuition. A stable person then is able to act on their intuition and inspiration. When a person receives inspiration and intuition from emotional stability and acts upon it from a place of emotional stability, the product is…well…we liken it to a placing a puzzle piece. It will be just the thing that is needed: the right thing in the right location at the right time.

Cheryl: This seems to suggest that we cannot do anything about the decisions our political leaders are making.

Higg(in)s: You can think positively about them. That is always helpful. But your most powerful creating is the creating you do for yourself. If you want something to change, find a solution and implement it. You will find the solution presents itself to you when you are emotionally stable and quiet inside.

Cheryl: Will you give us some positive thoughts to think about our leaders?

Higg(in)s: Certainly. But we ask you not to deflect our response above. You think there is something wrong? Get quiet. Listen. When you are inspired with a solution, be willing to implement it.

Thoughts about your world leaders: See them as they want to be seen. See them as genuine in their desire to do good. See them as effective, fair, likeable, decent human beings, doing what they think is right, and doing it with good intentions.

We would also have you envision the world you would like to live in. Statements like these are helpful: I like feeling safe and secure. I like feeling prosperous. I like to feel good. I like being inspired to action that absorbs my interest. I like being able to move with and through traffic seamlessly

Make up your own positive statements if you like. Read them every day. As millions of people begin thinking these kinds of thoughts your leaders will respond to the mass consciousness (as they are doing now) and the paradigm will shift.

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