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I’m taking a week’s vacation to Arizona and will not post during that time. Blessings, Cheryl Advertisements

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More Fun Things

This year, resolve to do more fun things. Happy New Year. Higgins

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Clarification on Animal Spirits and Death

Question:    I hope you are doing well. I very much appreciate the responses. So, maybe I’m reading this wrong, but Rosie passed because I was unhappy?  I became very depressed about a month before she died.  I always thought that my … Continue reading

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Developing Relationships with the Non-physical Realm

Note from Higgins: Each of you may choose to develop a closer relationship with any non-physical entity whether Spirit Guide, Animal Guide, Angel or otherwise. Personal Spirit Guides, Animal Guides and Guardian Angels have agreed with you, either pre-birth or at some point in … Continue reading

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Communicating With Animal Spirit Guides

Question:      I am wondering about my Raven Spirit Guide. I kinda want to be able to hear him and communicate with him. I’m not quite sure if it would work or how it would work. Higgins:     Many types of Spirits … Continue reading

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One Chooses To Be Born

Question:     The next question is really a comment.   What a huge acceptance it will take for human beings to realize that they are choosing to be on the planet instead of perceiving they are ‘sent’ or ‘stuck’ here.  To choose … Continue reading

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Why Do I Get Angry?

Question:     Why do I get angry? Higgins:     Anger is an emotion that produces energy. It is sort of an Emotional Danger Zone.  Anger is designed to stimulate you towards action in those times when you are slipping towards a feeling … Continue reading

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