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My Husband Died And I’m Trying To Get My Life Back

Question:     My husband has now been dead for 7 months. I am still trying to get my life back. I had open heart surgery last December and am now in the process of selling my large home. I can’t seem … Continue reading

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I Need My Wife To Stay With Me

Question:     I need my wife to stay with me. Higgins:     We would like to respond to this comment. I need my wife to stay with me and I want my wife to stay with me are two vastly different comments. … Continue reading

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Just a Note

I’m taking a short vacation so will not be posting for about a week. Blessings everyone. Cheryl

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October Energies and Vibrations

Question:     Are different energies offered season to season or month to month? For example, what are the energies and vibrations we feel in October? Higgins:     There is a rhythm to life, an ebb and flow. This rhythm is eternal, perpetual and never … Continue reading

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Process for Improving One’s Life*

Offering from Higgins: Here is a simple process for improving your life and the world around you. Pick a word that describes what you want in your life. Let’s say for example that you would enjoy a life that was … Continue reading

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Relax Into Your Own Well-Being

Question:     How does one relax into their own well-being? Higgins:     Practice is the key to relaxing into well-being. The natural, normal state for humanity is well. Physical and mental well-being is the birth-right of humans and of all things upon the … Continue reading

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How Do I Nurture Compassion In My Marriage?

Question: How do I nurture compassion in my marriage? Higgins: The simplest way to promote a harmonious relationship of any kind is to spend a moment every day contemplating one thing you genuinely like about the other person. It takes … Continue reading

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