Conflicts Reveal Areas for Spiritual Growth

Question: Hi Higgins, on Wednesday evening last you all were talking about dealing with people who may not be treating you very kindly.  A statement you made was something like this:  ”  Removing yourself from the situation or person for now may be necessary, but that is a master’s last resort.”  If the other person just won’t be nice or kind and continues to be abusive, then how can that change?  Isn’t it best not to keep going back for more and more abuse and being a victim?  Why is this a last resort instead of a smart move to keep oneself out of that vibrational level?

Higgins: Whenever you are in conflict with another human being what you are actually doing is showing each other your respective spiritual weak spots. If you are in harm’s way then of course we expect you to move out of harm’s way. But if you are not in danger then what we said stands.  A master will listen with compassion to what is being said. A master will find their own truth within the words then clean up their own vibration so that a similar situation will not be drawn into their experience in the future.

Remember, Friend, that a Master shuns no one.

Received January 3, 2012 at Everett, Washington

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