Compassion in Marriage (Part 5): My husband doesn’t want the same things

Note: Higgins is responding to this detailed question in parts. Today they are responding to the bolded segment regarding couples who don’t want the same things. See the entry from April 16, 2012 for the full question.

Question: How do I maintain my viewpoint of compassion, achieve my dreams, and be a good example for my children, while living with a man who doesn’t want the same?

Higgins: We understand how it may seem as though your spouse does not want the same things that you do. Now that you have come to understand that each of you shapes your own world with your thoughts, words, actions and emotions it is uncomfortable to be around others who have not yet become aware of this truth. And you are no doubt aware now that no matter how you try you simply cannot force this awareness upon another.

Let us remind you that each of you, including your husband, is a brilliant being of light: a portion of that which you call God.  Like you, he is inspired genius. He is loving, kind, enthusiastic, energetic, talented and fun. From what you say he simply is not reflecting his brilliance very clearly right now.

Many of you are like that: magnificent diamonds who’ve lost their glitter. We don’t want you to rush right out and start polishing him. We want you to polish you. By doing so you will gently, subtly, softly remind him of his own brilliance. Walk beside him to show him the way because as you’ve come to know telling him what he should do and how he should do it just won’t work and in the end, that isn’t what your soul wants to do either.

As you begin to shine, your gentle inclusion of him in your wonderful new life will entice him toward exactly that which you desire: a fulfilling relationship with him and a satisfying, rewarding home life. This gentle, peaceful inclusion will help him relax back into harmony with his Truth and his Truth definitely wants you to achieve your dreams and definitely wants to be a good example for your children.

Blessings to you friend as you become more you than you have ever been before.

Received April 27, 2012

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