I Want My Wife To Stay With Me

Offering from Higgins relative to an internet search for ‘I want my wife to stay with me’ that brought a reader to our site.

Higgins prompts me to add that if you want your wife to stay with you read the response entitled ‘My Wife Doesn’t Like Me (a second answer)’ after you read this post.


In the process of creating the life of your dreams, knowing what you want is an important step. We applaud your clarity.

When creating involves another person factors outside yourself come into play, specifically, what she wants is up to her. If she is centered in her own being then what you want should never affect her. Understand, ye, that unless she too wants to stay in the marriage the both of you will have a primarily discordant time together.

We know that when you determine something like ‘I want my wife to stay with me’ that what you also mean is that you want to stay together in harmony and fulfilling contentedness. To that end, determine what it is that you specifically like about marriage. Determine what qualities you like in a life partner. Bring yourself into alignment with those things and you will find yourself in a marriage with a partner who suits you very well indeed. That person may or may not be the wife you are with now but you will be in a marriage that is harmonious and fulfilling.

To come into alignment with your desires first begin by maintaining your own energy. Do that by developing your own energy source. Each of you is animated by a Broader Being. All That Exists is energy and energy flows through you via this connection to Broader. No other person or thing can provide enough energy to fill you. You will always be dissatisfied when you depend upon another for your energy supply.

Practice directing your personal energy to flow harmoniously through you with intention to live your happiest Truth every moment of every day. Direct and re-direct your energy as often as needed. When you carry your energy with this sort of harmony none other can negatively affect your life and likewise you affect none other in a negative way.

You will find yourself feeling better and likely discover that you are easier, smoother, more comfortable to be around when your energy is carried this way.

Received September 4, 2012 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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