My Husband Isn’t Compassionate

Offering from Higgins secondary to a web search that brought a reader to our site. The search was for ‘husband isn’t compassionate’.

Higgins: We do understand why you may feel that your husband isn’t compassionate. A person whom you observe from day-to-day not expressing compassion would easily be viewed as not compassionate. What we’d like to share with you is a different view of the situation.

All of you are beings of light and energy and you communicate with all that exists within the Universe via vibrational offerings. These vibrational offerings can also be called emotions or even feelings. (Emotions and feelings vary but for the purposes of this explanation let’s view them as the same.) Emotions are offered by your Broader eternal self relative to your thoughts, words and actions. There is a range of emotions that can be experienced by a human that ranges from low and slow, like guilt and depression, to light and high, like happiness or immensely satisfied. Compassion is an emotion/feeling on the higher end of the emotional spectrum and there is not one among you who is not capable of experiencing the entire range of emotions including compassion.

Your husband, like you and all other humans, does encompass compassion. His is capable of experiencing and expressing compassion just as he is capable of experiencing and expressing impatience, anger and discouragement.

Your husband is compassion. He just isn’t capable of expressing it right now because it is a vibrational offering higher than he is currently capable of receiving/achieving.

En masse, you physicals have forgotten the rules of the game and that makes Life a very difficult game indeed. If you will gently remind him of his inherent completeness, his inherent power and his inherent ability to create the life of his choice he will sooner or later begin to exhibit the more positive feeling emotions. His behavior will become gentler and kinder because he will come to know that he is in control of his life and that the Universe has designed Earth to support you all in easy, fun abundance.

The trick is: you will likely have very little success if you tell him this directly.

Instead, you must learn to remain centered in his disquiet. You must look for qualities you like in him and focus upon those positives. You must learn, and come to believe, that this life is designed to be fun and easy and that all  you need do is relax and enjoy where you are right now while continuously identifying all the good new things you’d like to experience.

Relax. The better you are able to relax the more OK life will seem to be and as you relax your husband will relax and as he relaxes his compassion will be able to rise to the surface to be expressed.

Received September 9, 2012 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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