Meditation, November 16, 2020

I awakened about 5:30 this morning and sat to meditate without setting an alarm so they could have as much time as they needed. Even though someone came in right away, it was very dull and uninteresting and my mind drifted often. As happened yesterday, they move my head in tiny circles or in a head slide each time my thoughts drifted. When they move my head in this way it seems to be designed to feel soothing and comforting. Whatever the reason, when they do this my thoughts stop.

It took nearly an hour before my mind finally became quiet long enough that I noticed pulsation of light starting on the right side of my right eye. The light passed from right to left, passing over the bridge of my nose and out of my field of vision on the left side of my left eye. These pulses were regularly timed and I wondered whether they are coordinated to the beat of my heart. Even though I was able to make this consideration I was not able to move my hands to test my pulse.

When the pulsations of light passed, the field opened. It was black with pinpoints of light like the night sky. The edges of my field of vision were muddy and fuzzy and wobbly, not definite like they were on Saturday. When this passed they let me up. When I checked the clock it was not yet seven so I set a timer for twenty more minutes and sat down again. We were able to achieve the same field again only much more quickly. Once we achieved this we stopped.

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