Meditation, November 19, 2020

I awakened at three in the morning from a dream that ended very successfully for me. I love those kinds of dreams. Since I couldn’t get back to sleep I decided to meditate. They started off with some gentle head movements but soon began shaking my head back and forth. My nose probably only moved a couple of inches to either side of center, so perhaps 4 inches from left to right. At first it was fairly slow and gentle but they began to shake my head very fast from right to left. So fast, in fact, that my skin felt as though it flapped and certainly, my eyeballs seemed to be coming loose.

Fortunately, they couldn’t do that for over long because my muscles became fatigued and the motion slowed down and became choppy of its own accord. Immediately after this shaking of my head, they started in with those belly dancing head slides. My muscles for this are not well developed so the motions were short and slow.

They repeated this sequence multiple times. On the final attempt, they shook my head as my head was leaning off to the left. Then, when they started the head slides I could feel what they were trying to do. It felt as if there is a center where my ego is focused. Maybe that is my soul. Anyway, that ego/soul that does not want to come out of my body slipped, just a little, by staying put when my head slid to the right.

They seemed, if not pleased, at least in recognition that some small progress had been made. At this point they left and I went back to sleep.

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  1. mabear4mc says:

    I have a comment and a question..??

    Just my perspective of ego/soul . I view ego as the human or earthly part of myself. The Head or thinking per say. The soul is the divine the heavenly part, the feeling or Heart the essence of myself.

    Can you tell if or do you feel a bit scared to release or surrender either the ego or soul , because of the beings who are coming through at the time??

    Just my thoughts as I read and think about what you say, Peace and Grace surround you always.

    Hopeful One

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