This post is my journal entry from December 10, 2004:

I awakened this morning and while my eyes were still closed, letters start swirling past my eyes. They are rushing past and pretty soon “MONK’S” stay up right in front of my eyes as clear as a bell, while all these letters are cruising towards me on the periphery. Then “ANSWER” flashes. Then all these words shoot past. I can’t read any of them. They rush past and then it’s blurry and I open my eyes.

What is “MONK’S ANSWER”? (It seems to me the letters were yellow on a black background.)

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3 Responses to MONK’S ANSWER

    • What I didn’t mention is that back then, there was a television series I enjoyed called MONK. If you will do an internet search for ‘Adrian Monk’ you will see that the show’s title is all caps, just like the vision I had. In MONK, Mr. Monk has severe Obsessive Compulsive Disorder that prevents him from maintaining his job on the police force. Instead, he works as a consultant for the police force and uses his OCD skill set to solve mysteries. At that time, I wondered whether these visions would end up being a psychic awakening and that I would use this psychic awareness to assist the police in a similar manner.

      As strange as it may seem, it never once occurred to me that it might be something to do with Buddhist monks. Maybe I should look into that.

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