A Conversation With Higg(in)s, December 9, 2022

When the medical profession describes what it feels like to have a heart attack, frequently the term ‘sense of impending doom’ is used. A couple of times in the past few years I have had what I describe as a sense of impending ‘something good is going to happen’. This afternoon after lunch I sat down with a sense of wonderfulness filling me that I can only describe as bliss. In this lovely state, I sought Higg(in)s to ask about our recent conversations.

Higg(in)s repeated the steps again.

  1. Be consciously appreciative of the workings of the body, known and unknown.
  2. Be peace. They described peace as homebase. When you leave home to go to work or the grocery store you always come back home. They ask us to live in peace. When we have an excursion to frustration, anger, and even happiness we must then find our way back home to peace.
  3. Launch our desires from peace.
  4. Trust that whatever the Universal Source is, it does provide everything you ask for. When you ask from peace you can have absolute confidence that the things you like and want are being aligned for you in much the same way that one might order a custom piece of furniture. It will take awhile before it is ready but it is being prepared and will be shipped as soon as it is ready.
  5. Have gratitude for your answered request even before the arrival of it. Higg(in)s says to behave as though the thing is already manifest in your life.
  6. Today they added that this cycle is recurring. For some reason this is very important, it is the recurring cycle of our lives.

This point seemed to be very important, and I suspect they are going to spend much time on it.

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