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Does Higgins Have An Agenda?

Question:     Does Higgins have an agenda? Higgins:     We do have an agenda. We asked the entity to provide a definition for agenda. Definition of agenda (n) Bing Dictionary a·gen·da  [ ə jéndə ] list of things to do: a formal list of things to … Continue reading

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Where is Higgins From?

Question:    Where is Higgins from? Higgins:     Higgins is not an I but a We. We are a group of non-physical beings who have agreed to come together, working in unison through a physical body, to share with those of you … Continue reading

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As Humans What Are We Working Up To?

Question:     All these lives, past, present and future…what are we working up to? Higgins:     Energy exists. God/Allah/Creator is energy. That is all that exists anywhere. That means then that you are energy both in physical format and non-physical format. Creation occurs … Continue reading

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What Is The Ultimate Reason for Life?

Question:    I was wondering, What is the ultimate reason to be put on this earth? I know we choose to get reincarnated and I also know that there is a way to “retire”. I got a glimpse of this in a … Continue reading

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Let’s Talk About Sin

Question:     The next (question) has to deal with sin. You dont ever really talk about sin in any of your posts that I can recall. How come you dont talk about sin at all? And why is sin such a HUGE … Continue reading

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About Heaven and Hell

Question:     What is your view on Heaven and Hell like the English translations of the Bible talk about in the NT? Is there a Heaven and a Hell in the afterlife like the Bible talks about? Is there judgment after … Continue reading

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God, Yin and Yang and the Game of Life

Question:     If (the Bible is) taken literal why does God have so much violence in the OT. Telling certain people of his to kill others or tribes? He has Moses and his group kill all the males and all woman … Continue reading

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