The Akashic Record

Question:  Can Higgins tell us about the Akashic Record? Is there a way us physicals can access it?

Higgins:  It is very difficult to describe something, using a human vehicle,  that is beyond the scope of human understanding but we will try.

The Akashic Record may better be described as the Akashic Field. Akashic Record makes it sound as though there is an invisible library that one might travel to, to visit and to look something up. That isn’t quite right. Instead, there is a field of cosmic consciousness. It is an energy matrix.

The matrix is consciousness. It is energy. The two cannot be separated. We will be so bold as to call this energy matrix the mind of God. You live within the mind of God. Life exists within the mind of God. All the memories of the past live here, too.

This consciousness can be tapped into very simply and the best way to start is with meditation. First, learn to relax the mind. Allow the mind to become still. For most people, this takes quite a lot of practice. Not long periods of practice, rather short periods of practice over a long period of time. It’s not hard, but thoughts do rise and when that happens, just let them slide by.

When you are able to still the mind you can begin consciously accessing the Akashic Field. Sit with your question in mind, still your mind to allow the answer to flow to you through the field. Some get answers very quickly, others may sit for hours. Either way, life is different when you know how to get the answers you need, more vivid and exciting somehow, even though it will still look much the same as before.

Received June 28, 2018

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6 Responses to The Akashic Record

  1. janonlife says:

    Beautifully explained. Thank you, Cheryl and Higgins for sharing this. I love “You live within the mind of God”.

  2. Jhendi says:

    Dear Cheryl and Higgins,

    I have been reading the information presented on not being a victim. I feel as though Inallowed myself to be victimized since I was a child. I did everything my parents wanted and I allowed myself to bullied as my parents taught me just to take it. Of course I ended up inabisove relationships. Later, ina stressful situation, I had an abortion rather than stand up for myself and head out to be a single mom. I feel that this was a test- a test where I was supposed to finally stand up for myself. Instead I killed my baby. It was my chance to make my life good. I didn’t do it an I suffer everyday. I have a baby now and feel terrible grief knowing that I can never cuddle the child I aborted. But apparently I am not a victim. I was always so trusting and assuming that if I did everything right, that my loved ones would cut me some slack. Can you tell me why I would make so many terrible choices and allow myself to be overpowered by everyone in my life?

  3. I like this answer, but I’m wondering… if we live in the mind of God, are we God’s thoughts/dreams/nightmares?

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