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Bringing Dreams to Fruition

Question:     Once I have a dream in mind how do I bring it to fruition? Higgins:     All desires are manifested the same way. Step One: think It up. Step Two: decide It is desirable to achieve. Step three: relax about … Continue reading

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Distinction Between Body Energy and Body Vibration*

Question:  I wonder what Higgins would respond to, “Are there distinctions between body energy and body vibration?  Are they one and the same?  How do they affect/effect one another?” Cheryl’s note: Affect (  to act on; to produce an effect … Continue reading

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Relax Into Your Own Well-Being

Question:     How does one relax into their own well-being? Higgins:     Practice is the key to relaxing into well-being. The natural, normal state for humanity is well. Physical and mental well-being is the birth-right of humans and of all things upon the … Continue reading

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The Universe Is Against Me At Every Turn

Comment from Cheryl: Higgins likes to respond to search terms that brought a reader to the Ask Higgins site. The following is a response to the search, ‘The universe is against me at every turn.’ Higgins: The Earth realm, this physical … Continue reading

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Let Go of Hard Feelings

Offering from Higgins: Your natural state of being is well. Well–meaning confident, strong, flexible, healthy, happy, solid and certain that all things are working out in your best interest. The only way to not be these things takes actual effort … Continue reading

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Tired of Being Put-Down

Question: Higgins, it seems there are quite a few searches for ‘tired of being put-down’ that bring people to this site. Will you address that directly? Higgins: We applaud those who discover they are tired of being put-down. Being tired … Continue reading

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Energy Alignment Music

From Cheryl: Bill Wolford, a Seattle area musician, has created wonderful melodies to accompany several Higgins’ meditations. Find it at:   February 23, 2012 at Everett, Washington

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